From your bilingual(-to-be) friend.

“So, when you think… Do you do it in English or in Spanish?”

If I earned a penny every time I hear this question, I would probably not be either a millionaire nor rich but I would probably have enough to buy me a cup of tea (probably not). The point is that it is a common question when you are considered bilingual’’. I guess that getting that title was on my bucket list, although I’ve realized from my years of studying English that becoming bilingual is more about being able to communicate (fairly decently) than actually mastering the language because let’s face it, I’m still learning my own language (If not forgetting it bit by bit on the way).

So, in this blog, I wanted to tackle two questions people ask me about being bilingual, therefore if you speak more than one language and have friends who ask you the same kind of questions you can throw them these little nuggets of wisdom (and save yourself a lot of time -you are welcome.) Let’s start with the question of the million dollars.  Continue reading “From your bilingual(-to-be) friend.”

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Welcome to “In My Fearless Twenties”!!!!! You can’t imagine how excited I am that you are reading this!

You see all the languages up there? Those are most of the languages of all the wonderful, incredible and amazing people I’ve got to meet and known a little of their lives in the last 2 years (crazy, right?) ….and I feel so so blessed for that, they are a gift!


You are a gift!

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Hope you feel welcome,


                                                                                                           The fearless gal 💋xxx


“Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride”.                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Someone at some point.