Bienvenue,benvenuto,seja bem vindo,välkommen,velkominn,vitajte,欢迎,ترحيب,Vítejte,fogadtatás,καλωσόρισμα, selamat datang, ようこそ,wëllkomm,bun venit,welkom,willkommen,welcome and Bienvenido…


Welcome to “In My Fearless Twenties”!!!!! You can’t imagine how excited I am that you are reading this!

You see all the languages up there? Those are most of the languages of all the wonderful, incredible and amazing people I’ve got to meet and known a little of their lives in the last 2 years (crazy, right?) ….and I feel so so blessed for that, they are a gift!


You are a gift!

So thank you so much for passing by. I would really appreciate if you subscribe to the blog so you get all the new updates and fun stuff. Stay tuned!

Hope you feel welcome,


                                                                                                           The fearless gal 💋xxx


“Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride”.                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Someone at some point.

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