For the socially awkward person (self-esteem).

For the socially awkward


I’ve been there. Sometimes, with one foot still slightly there. And then, there are those days when the creeping feelings threat back.

Feeling slightly anxious around people is not a new thing, but you and I know how far it can go on certain occasions for certain people, leading to a real struggle.

I am here to share my experience and to say hey, me too.

Life is full of surprises and changes and in my case, my self-esteem drop when I moved country and just by my silly perfectionist being. Saying the right thing was key, trying not to annoy anyone? essential. Being the foreigner but trying so hard to seem the common neighbour. But you know what? It can be very exhausting.

But hey, I am not trying to help you in your pity bubble. It didn’t help me, neither will do so to you.  I am here to offer my hand and admit to you this: I don’t have this figured out but I can certainly say this few changes in my mindset helped me to find a better way to deal with my socially awkward being.


1. It’s good being aware of the fact that you can go through a phase of being ”socially awkward” but that doesn’t define you.


When I found other people classifying themselves as socially awkward, this gave me a sense of relief. It released some pressure off my shoulders. Then I would openly introduce myself as ‘shy’ and convinced myself it was just how I was.

You see, stress can make  everything look bigger so if having a term release off a bit of it and help you see things with more clarity, great! But then, it is important to know it is a phase, a normal part of maturity. It is not a comfortable place to stay hidden but a running start.

Underneath that uncomfortable smile, it is found a person who has a lot to offer (even if it might take a while to come out -but that is fine.)


2. Low self-esteem can hide a lot of pride and self-centred issues you might need to deal with.


Ouch. It hurts. I know. It hurt when I was at church and heard the minister quoted CS Lewis

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

and he added: ”and think more of God”. It was a nasty truth that challenged me deeply.

”I don’t know what to say, they will think I am dumb if I say this, what they would think if I do this, I am so shy, why can’t I be more outgoing, why am I so quiet? I feel so awkward…”

That realisation got me tearful eyes during the sermon. I started being sick of ”I”. I thought my low self-esteem at least had the good point of keeping my humble but I was missing the whole point. I was looking at myself 24/7, talking to myself more than with anybody else and justifying myself of not sharing what I was with someone that needed it.

I wasn’t doing a good job taking care of the people God has placed in my life in order to protect myself.


3. Thoughts and feelings don’t have to have the last say. 


Sometimes you have to stop listening to yourself and make yourself listen to some truth.

Realizing all of the above was good but didn’t quite fix my feelings and thoughts overnight, they kept and keep creeping out from time to time, but that’s alright.

If something I learned is that I cannot waste my life waiting for my feelings and thoughts to be in the right place to move. I can move towards what I know in my heart is right (even if that means to tell myself ”get a grip, girl”.)

My feelings and thoughts will have to play catch up, I’ll keep moving on.

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God.

Psalm 42:11

As a Christian, It really moved me how was this person’s response to his broken-feeling soul. He reminded truth to himself and you know what? I will yet praise him. This broke all my excuses, my silly creeping thoughts because you know what? I will yet praise him. He is my salvation, not me.

Yet. My feelings will have to follow.

My dear socially awkward friend, you are not alone. I know how it feels like feeling out of place, like nobody really gets you, and times when you don’t do it either. I’ve been there. Still, I do time to time.

But there’s a moment in life when you realise you have to put down your feelings and take a choice of moving out of your comfort zone for the sake of others and yourself too (even if that takes a few or thousand trials). Keep trying. Keep moving on.

Yet, I will take a chance.


My dear socially awkward friend, the world might be moving on but -hey, now it’s your turn




What about you? Have you ever seen yourself as a ”socially awkward” person?

What would you tell to someone who struggles to be her/himself?

Share me your experience, I’d love to hear from you!



Peruvian cuisine: How to make easy Ceviche!


Are you looking how to make easy-I-even-managed-to-burn-soup kind of way CEVICHE? Well, today is your luckiest day! Yes, today, because I am about to show you how to cook ceviche in a ridiculously easy way, so easy that you might want to try to ask me the recipe in Spanish for an extra challenge, you are welcome.

I know what you are thinking about “Me, trying to cook the tastiest kind of food on Earth like a Peruvian dish? Yes, that’s exactly what you are thinking (or you should start thinking), but I am here to tell you that yes, you can do it with a little bit of help from your Peruvian friend.

Ceviche is a very popular seafood dish, originated in Peru, which is made from very fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices such as lemon or lime, and spiced with chili pepper. The citric acid causes the proteins in the seafood to become denaturised, appearing to be cooked, without heat, therefore it must be prepared and consumed fresh to minimize the risk of food poisoning. It goes really well with side dishes that complement its favours such as corn, sweet potato, avocado, etc.

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Your best tips to learn a new language and stay (mostly) sane.

Learning a new language is tough. One of the most enjoyable and kick-in-the-butt experiences I’ve ever lived. Creativity will be your best friend against boredom when learning a new language and immersion one of your most powerful means.

When people ask me how did I learn English or since when I’ve been learning, I am a bit speechless. All my life? Properly since a few years ago? I don’t know. Finding the specific point on my life-line is a bit too much asking but I can say something for sure:

I started loving this new language since I was 11 or so.

When I was in secondary school, oh boy, the time ofcrushes’ began and I had no one better than Taylor Swift to walk along with me on this painful journey. Yes, that’s right, I would listen to every single one of her most cheesy songs possible and sing along with the lyrics. I had one big challenge for my self-pity start moments: ENGLISH.

My first Taylor Swift song ever? You belong with me’ and the video was so epic that I had to understand what she was saying! “She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts. She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers” (Yep, the struggle was real).

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’20 Things I’ve Learned In My 20’s’.



I’m the kind of person that always feel like a child. Yes, it is weird for me to imagine myself as a ‘grown-up adult’ but I guess I am. Rather, I am on my way to becoming one and, like everything in life, It is mostly more about the journey than the destination.

It’s funny looking back and remembering how badly I wanted to grow up faster so I could do the “fun things” grown-ups do (yes, working was included). From pretending I had my own desk made of boxes and phone books as my “work-to-do” to stealing some mom’s make up in order to look older (or a professional fulltime clown).

You know what is even funnier? I thought I would feel like an adult at my 20’s.

One day last summer, I started writing more and more about my experiences in my own personal notebook (okay, my diary-or-whatsoever.) and this crazy title came to my mind

20 things I’ve learned in my 20’s.

I actually thought it was a bit ambitious to come up with 20 things, but hey, here we go… Continue reading “’20 Things I’ve Learned In My 20’s’.”

Moms and apples. (Happy Mother’s Day!)


Summer 2017 wasn’t quite as I expected it to be. Some events at the start of the year and before the summer holidays slightly moved my what-I-thought-to-be solid ground. My heart could feel shaky every so often but it brought some fundamental lessons for the year to come.

It’s gonna sound ridiculous but I had told my mom thousand times to stop offering me an apple every time I suggested to get something sweet, especially when my mood wasn’t the brightest and it wasn’t a suggestion anymore. Whatever she wanted, but healthy.

That woman would suggest me an apple anyway and that drove me nuts.

-You know I don’t mean that!

It started being quite annoying, then it became a joke, but in those dark moments, when all I could feel was shame and unworthiness, it felt like a sting in my heart. She would follow with suggesting me to go to the gym, go on a spontaneous trip but if that wasn’t enough, she would put Jesus on the table. Oh boy. She could show herself sorry for me for a few minutes, but then she would suddenly turn my attention away from myself and point me to think about other people instead. She pointed me to Jesus.

Can I be quite honest with you? That wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear in those moments but, much as it stings, It was what I desperately needed, and I knew she was right, it may hurt, but it is right (ouch).

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Are you (REALLY) here today?

Photo credit to @southsidehome on Instagram. Would you like amazing ideas for your sweet home? Interiors inspired by Nordic style in Glasgow. Follow the journey here!


I frowned. 2017 came stomping around, loaded with what appeared to be dummy questions and new life-changing answers. One of those questions was this one:


Are you really here?


While reading a Christian book (Captivating-Stasi Eldredge), there was one two-words advice almost at the end of the chapter that caught my eye.


“Be present.”


Be present?Sure!– I thought, but these two words started taking root in my heart. I can’t describe how despite the fact I was not sure at all what it meant exactly, I could feel like I was about to unwrap something priceless and urgently needed for my life. I continued on reading and discovered an unpleasant reality –how much absent I can be every day. Continue reading “Are you (REALLY) here today?”

When life gets (looks) too busy.

On next week’s blog will see how our life can change significantly when we are present. Today I leave you with a post I wrote almost a year ago as an introduction to next week’s one. Did you miss the latest posts? Check -them out! Hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to subscribe to see the second part next week! Enjoy!

The fearless gal 💕xxx

Biomedical Science
University of Strathclyde

Life. Time.

There was me, smiling and feeling absolutely fulfilled looking at him. He was going to sleep and I could get his very important time before to sleep, before going into his dreams’ corner, his peaceful time.

My brother is 9 years old, almost 10. He is my treasure. My little one.

I remember how my heart was so excited to see him for the very first time that could pop out of my chest and run a marathon by itself. It is funny how I prayed almost every day in a year (not kidding) for having a little new sibling, just before having lunch with the family, in front of whoever delighted us with their presence. Sounds cute, isn’t it? Not for my parents, who did not know where to hide when we had guests. Sorry. But it worked!


And almost 10 years later… here I am, sharing with him a few words before he goes to sleep, to encourage his heart and help him to have good dreams.

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